Exhibitor and Sponsor Registration

Explore our new and improved booth selection and registration process below!

For questions contact Andrea Flanders at 502-848-8723 or aflanders@kychamber.com.

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Registration Instructions:

  • Access the registration page.

  • Review the floorplan and decide where you want to be (if highlighted in red, the booth has already been sold).

  • Select the “list” drop down option on the left-hand bar for a complete list of current exhibitors and sponsors.

  • Hover over any of the red booths to view the booth occupant’s company name (listed on the left-hand bar).

    • Give your company a competitive edge, and know where your competition is located!
  • Select your booth (remember red booths are not available), and begin the contract process.

  • Choose your payment option (credit card and invoicing options are available).