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Preconference Speaker

8:30 – 11:30 a.m. | Tuesday, August 28
PRECONFERENCE – HR Thought Leader Summit: Compassion, Humanity, and You at Work (Approved for BMS Credit)

Increasingly, human resource and business leaders are understanding the importance of embracing the human spirit of their employees and encouraging employees to bring their entire selves to work. Absolutely every decision, every business strategy, every word spoken between colleagues, and every policy enacted can and should be derived from a place of compassion. Because organizational success is, at its core, about human beings working together to serve human purposes. This strategic session is led by HR thought leaders on the issues of compassion and humanity in the workplace. They have each written in one of the anthologies, Humans@Work, Compassion@Work, or You@Work, all part of the @Work series of books published by Silver Tree Publishing. The session will begin with a keynote from HR leader, speaker, and author Jeff Nally. Next, you’ll hear from six of the authors, each providing a 15-minute Ted-type talk (we call them CRED Talks) on these issues focusing on creating ideal workplaces. The session concludes with a synopsis from Jeff Nally, recapping and summarizing the ideas presented in this fast-paced session and providing you with an action plan for incorporating best practices in your organization. The session is led by HR thought-leader Cathy Fyock, who has been instrumental in developing these anthologies and identifying and coaching the authors to become thought leaders.


Robert E. Brabo, II, “Bo”, SPHR, PMP, has a combined 30 years of human resource management experience in the Department of Defense and private industry. Bo co-founded Brabo West, Inc., in 2014, focusing on recruitment and HR consulting in the Washington, DC metro area. Bo previously served as the Director of HR Operations and Presidential Communications Officer for the White House Communications Agency. Having stood with both Presidents Bush and Obama in the Oval Office, Bo uses his experience to encourage and mentor others to dream big and reach for the stars! Bo holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and is a current candidate in the Executive MBA program at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.