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Below you’ll find descriptions of each workshop session associated with the Motivation track. For questions, contact Lori Jo Goff at or 502-848-8727.

I1: Motivating Managers, Millennials and Misfits
– Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE | President, Van Hooser Associates, Inc.

More than any other issue, leaders struggle with how to motivate employee performance — yes, the performance of Millennials, but also the performance of other generational employee groups. Leaders are confused, dismayed and just plain don’t understand why employees act the way they do. Add to this the accountability for achieving performance goals through their employees, and leaders have a recipe for productivity, performance and employee retention problems. Whether it’s Millennials, Baby Boomers GenXers or the up-and-coming GenZers, this session shows leaders the methods that really motivate individual employee performance long-term.

I2: The Lonely HR: Departments of One!
– Allison Pettrey, PHR, SHRM-CP | HR Consultant, Hanna Resource Group
– Candace French | Human Resources Director, SIS, LLC

In many small to mid-size businesses, the HR department is a single brave soul (or, at the very least, it can feel like it!). In this session, we will discuss some of the most effective ways to prioritize, keep things balanced, and ensure the function runs smoothly. From pertinent laws to tools to make your life easier to the best processes to streamline your daily work, you’ll leave this session feeling empowered and prepared to take on any challenge (ok, most challenges– maybe not EVERY challenge;)!

I3: Disrupting the Future of HR: Unlocking Creativity and Innovation
– Lisa Zangari | Director of Learning, Leadership Louisville Center

Disrupting the Future of HR: Unlocking creativity and innovation Developing your innovation skills and the right creative behaviors can give you a competitive advantage in an uncertain future. Never before have HR leaders faced so much disruption – technology, globalization, multi-generational workforce, etc.. This rapidly changing landscape also means that there has never been greater opportunity to influence and create positive change. But how do you unleash creativity in your teams? And how do you nurture and grow new ideas instead of squashing them? In this high-energy, high-impact session you will develop the mindset, behaviors and skills of an innovator and walk away with a practical approach for unlocking creativity and innovation in your people.

I4: Develop a Coaching Mindset
Michael Duke | President, The Newschool Group-Talent, Teams and Culture

Michael Duke is known for his motivational and content rich presentations. “Develop a Coaching Mindset” is his favorite subject. Why? Leaders today want an engaged, accountable and highly motivated workforce. What better way to make this a reality than to take on the mindset of a great coach! In this presentation Michael encourages leaders to assume the role of coach, to take responsibility for their players performance, to build relationships based on trust and to get performance results! Michael also reveals his 7 Step coaching Model and demonstrates its effectiveness with real world role plays. Attendees take the coaching model with them, see it demonstrated, practice it and know how to use it that day! The ability to coach well and to create a culture of coaching changes organizations, teams and people…all for the better!

I5: 16 Elements of Engagement, the Building Blocks of High-Performing People, Cultures,
and Organizations

– Cassie Whitlock | Director of Human Resources, BambooHR

In a time of shrinking tenures, a scarcity of talent, and increased competition, the need to get the most value out of our employees is at its peak. And while HR is intended to be the stewards of this incredible organizational asset, most of their time is focused around policies, processes, and procedures. Let’s refocus. Come learn the levers that will empower you to unleash the greatness in your employees and drive organizational value.

I6: Finding the “Sweet Spot” in Talent Acquisition and Branding
– Lauren Rauch | CEO & Co-Founder, 5 Star Global Recruitment Partners

This presentation is designed to share key insights and recruitment best practices with HR Professionals that desire to strategically recruit the best talent for their organization. The program will also motivate HR professionals to handle and overcome candidate objections and will discuss strategies for overcoming common obstacles when competing to recruit highly sought-after talent. Participants will learn how to brand their organization and how to differentiate their company from competitors when presenting a compelling and successful job offer. Finally, they will learn several strategies to successfully incorporate Social Media as a tool to recruit new employees.

I7: Think Like a Woman: Leading in the 21st Century
Cynthia Knapek | President, Leadership Louisville Center
– Lisa Zangari | Director of Learning, Leadership Louisville Center

When it comes to gender parity, HR is leading the way with women accounting for roughly 55% of CHRO roles across industries – the highest percentage of any C-suite role (Korn Ferry 2016). Studies also find close correlations between CEO and CHRO competencies like collaboration, long-term thinking and negotiation skills. This interactive, high impact session will explore how organizations can recognize and nurture what are considered traditionally feminine traits while also helping women develop in areas where men are naturally stronger. Along the way we’ll bust some of the myths of women’s leadership while providing tools and behaviors for women to grow their confidence, lead with authenticity and embrace a courageous mindset.

I8: Career Development and Transition for HR Professionals
– Shelly Trent, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Career Coach, Your Career Collaborator

Do you make time to focus on your personal career development? Do you stay current in the field for your own enrichment? Many HR professionals do not make time for their own development, so attend this session to find out what opportunities may be available to you if you want to learn how to create your own development plan, if you are considering changing your career focus, or if you just want to learn how to devote some time to your own development.

I9: The Ins and Outs of HR Certification
– Jon Hall, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | HR Consultant, KYSHRM Certification Co-Director, KYSHRM Council
– Rawleigh Richardson, SHRM-CP, PHR, MHRM | KYSHRM Certification Co-Director, KYSHRM Council

An update on SHRM certification that includes a question and answer session on initial certification and best practices on re-certification.

I10: What Are You Serving as a Leader?
– Hope Zoeller, Ed.D. | Facilitator of Leader Success, HOPE (Helping Other People Excel), LLC

As a leader, what are you serving today? Answer this question with brutal honesty and you will arrive at the core of your intention and motivation as a leader. This presentation will provide insight into what it means to be a servant leader and explore the critical characteristics essential to being one. It also provides an opportunity to gain a sense of your own development as a servant leader. Applying this knowledge will help you create a better, more caring organizational culture.

I11: Thank You For Eating the Cake: A Modern Day Lesson in Employee Recognition
– Brian Simmons, SHRM-CP, PHR | Human Resources Advisor, CMI Consulting, LLC

We’ve often heard the saying, “A little recognition goes a long way.” This is certainly true when we consider consistent recognition as a tool that reinforces reasons for employees to be engaged in the organization. Although employees might not directly solicit attention and recognition for a job well done, studies have confirmed how encouraged and engaged employees feel when that spontaneous, unexpected recognition is received. A recent article in the Washington Post reported that 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. The article also went on to state that 65% of North Americans report that they didn’t receive recognition at all in the previous year. In this session, participants will review modern day recognition homeruns, hacks and fails.