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Preconference & Keynote Speaker

PRECONFERENCE & KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Master Your World: 10 HR Strategies to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communications

In this informative, engaging and entertaining program you’ll learn what it takes to be a great leader, which will, in turn, result in a great team. Leadership is all about creating a vision as well as executing the strategy. Leadership is also why people, and companies, succeed or fail. Some people believe leadership is limited to the people at the top, but real leadership happens at all levels in every organization. True leaders strategically plan and implement long-term programs to take advantage of talent and increase morale throughout the organization. Everyone benefits when leaders apply three core techniques, and then refine them with seven critical applications. Mary can’t wait to share these key pieces of leadership knowledge with you! This program is engaging and immediately applicable. Master Your World is packed with templates and tools so you can achieve optimal results.


Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, CDR, US Navy (Retired) | President, Productive Leaders, Inc.

Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, CDR, Us Navy (Ret) is an internationally known economist and leadership expert specializing in the fields of leadership, productivity, communication, and business profit growth. She is the CEO of Productive Leaders, which maintains sites in Dallas Texas and Denver Colorado.   Mary has been quoted in hundreds of periodicals including Forbes, Money Magazine, Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal, and dozens of business journals. Mary is a member of MENSA, and has received several accolades; Air Force Academy Instructor of the Year, National Speakers Association-Colorado Member of the Year, and the Navy League Leadership Award. A former university business and economics professor, Mary combines theory and practicality. With extensive experience in human resources, finance, insurance, organizational leadership, strategic planning, and project development, she focuses on building successful strategies for business leaders at all levels of an organization.