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Explore below for descriptions of each session associated with the Management track. For questions, contact Lori Jo Goff at or 502-848-8727.

Workshop Educational Levels:

(1) Fundamental – For those who are new to HR or to the particular topic being addressed, often broad overviews and updates of current topics.
(2) Intermediate – For those who have HR experience in the topic being addressed, with focus on in-depth examinations of specific topics and their solutions.
(3) Advanced – For those with senior level HR experience, with focus on cutting-edge and strategic topics.

M1: Mind, Body, Professional: Self-care for the HR Professional (1)
Colene Elridge, Owner, Be More Consulting
You spend all day taking care of other people. Payroll, training, being the ear they can lean on – but who’s taking care of you? Self Care in all professions is critical for professional and personal performance. In the area of HR, is vital for sustainability. Many practitioners are so focused on their role, their contribution to the business that they forget about themselves as human beings and what their needs are to stay well. If not addressed, practitioners are more likely to feel as though they do everything for everyone else but not much about themselves, and high levels of burnout. This training will give you skill to practice practical self care, and tools on how to implement them into your daily routine.

M2: Intentional Business Storytelling to Increase  Retention and Application of Presentations (2)
Merle Heckman, SPHR, Manager of Organizational Development, Regal Beloit
Facts – lots of facts. Our organizations thrive on facts. Data, charts, graphs, acronyms, information – all are the elements of we deal with almost 24 hours.  Through PowerPoint slides, forecasts, predictions, and reviews provide high volume of information. Yet employees who attend meetings will often make comments about not understanding the information just presented. Do the employees who receive a deluge of facts in meetings and updates  understand what is being said? Do employees understand the information so they can retain the knowledge? Do large numbers of PowerPoint slides assure the transfer of knowledge from the speaker to the listener? A gap is present between the presentation with mass information given and the receptivity of the listeners allowing them to understand and apply what is heard. Intentionally storytelling can bridge this gap. The presentation will show the value and use of presenting with stories.

M3: Influence Greatness (2)
Jeff Birk, Manager, Speaking and Training, O.C. Tanner
Influence Greatness is an unforgettable look at six key elements that unlock the secrets to developing great people, teams, and cultures. Leaders learn the importance of being an influencer and how six key elements, what we call Talent Magnets, applied effectively can create highly successful cultures. Then, with a keen understanding of three essential ways to convey appreciation, they are empowered to incorporate best practices that inspire employees to engage. And when people engage, companies grow.

M4: Inspired Engagement @ Work (3)
Carlos Rivas, MS, CSCS, ACSM-CPT, President & Chief Performance Officer, Proformance Health & Wellbeing, LLC
Andrew Bailiff, Creative Director, Personal Trainer, Proformance Health & Wellbeing
We all want to perform. To be our best when it matters most – in work and life. Yet in today’s stress-filled, 24/7 world, we can feel unfocused, unmotivated and depleted. At ProFormance our science-based approach to sustainable behavior change helps people expand their energy capacity for improved performance.

M5: Multigenerational Engagement and Retention in a Challenging Hiring Environment (2)
Karen Combs, Consultant, Foundations Human Resources Consulting
The present-day workforce at any given organization consists of Baby Boomers to Millennials and Generations Y and Z – and everyone in between! Workers are not delivering their full potential to help their organizations succeed because they are not engaged. Top of the list of concerns for most managers is finding, then engaging and retaining, a strong, motivated workforce. How does a manager engage all of these generations to retain the best talent? The answer to this question is particularly relevant in today’s challenging hiring environment with historic low unemployment. In this interactive workshop, Ms. Mills will explore the nature of employee engagement and why it is important to your organization, what motivates the different generations that make up your workforce, and present steps you can take to encourage a culture where workers from all generations are engaged and want to stay.

M6: Cultivating Employee Voice (2)
Denise Cumberland, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
Ann Herd, PhD, SPHR, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
“Organizations need candor the way the heart needs oxygen.” Warren Bennis is not just being poetic with this comment — he’s highlighting a fact that organizations frequently overlook – constructive dissent provides a strategic competitive advantage for the organization. Unfortunately, employees have a tendency to remain silent. Research shows that many businesses, large and small, struggle with deafening silence from their workers. So why don’t employees speak up? In this session we share data on why employees remain silent, and provide practical ideas to create conditions that foster openness. Since we know “employee voice” is linked to engagement, there is an opportunity to create a more engaged workforce. In addition to sharing ways that strategic HR can foster employee voice in the right time and manner, this session provides an opportunity to assess how certain types of voice can enhance problem solving, build engagement as well as reduce grievances.

M7: Is Technology Derailing Your Performance? (1)
Amy Olds, PHR, SHRM-CP, Manager of HR Outsourcing, HR Affiliates
Jennifer Wheatley, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, VP of HR Consulting and Outsourcing, HR Affiliates
Seventy-five percent of employers say that two or more hours of productivity are lost each day due to distractions in the workplace. This session will provide participants ways of taking back the control relinquished to distractions and technologies that are built to addict us more than they are built to aid us. This session will address the ability to focus, maintain and increase productivity during the work day.

M8: Pendulum Swing in Performance Management (1)
Patrick Smith, SHRM-CP, PHR, Human Resources Manager, Stoll Keenon Ogden
The traditional Performance Management system is no longer valid. With the need for meeting stronger competitive needs, employees today are demanding timely feedback on their performance. The big question is what is the next best approach to performance reviews? This presentation gives a short historical view of performance management, allows the participants to understand the perspective of giving a performance review from both the supervisor and employee along with offering insights and some considerations for new approaches. The workshop intent is for participants to be interactive and allow all to share their worse and best experiences. Some best practices and tips will be offered to stimulate the discussion which has become and continues to be one of the hottest topics facing many HR managers today.

M9: Stay Tuned – Don’t Quit Your Day Job (1)
Adam Argullin, Speaker, Trainer, Drummer | Stay Tuned Experience, LLC
“Don’t quit your day job” is a comprehensive look at how the jobs we have and the jobs we want can create or cure stress in our lives. The course is taught from the stand point of a person who successfully fused a career in law enforcement with a lifetime as a working musician. Instead of choosing one path or another, the choice was made to be happy. 

M10: Inspect Your HR Department – Before Someone Else Does! (2)
Jaime Horne, MS, CPBA, SHRM-SCP, HR Consultant, Hanna Resource Group
Autumn Blakeman, SHRM-CP, Associate HR Consultant, Hanna Resource Group
What are your biggest challenges in HR today? An interactive presentation driven by the results of a sample HR assessment taken by YOU. This presentation will focus on the biggest concerns of the audience as well as the most common and overlooked issues in Human Resources. Audience members will discover what aspect of their HR department is posing the biggest challenge to their organization. This session is a chance for attendees to discuss concerns with the presenting HR consultants and other HR professionals in the audience.

M11: Unleash the Beast – Rediscovering the Greatness Within (1)
Mark Rucker, Keynote Speaker/Author/Attorney, The Mark D Rucker Companies
Transforming my life from an overweight, out-of-shape, 385 pound Couch Potato to an Ironman wasn’t easy. It took years of hard work, discipline, and dedication. And on my journey I developed 6 principles, my Building Blocks of Success, that allowed me to change my life and achieve my dream. As a guest speaker at your event, I will not only share my inspirational story, but also my Building Blocks of Success. I will outline how your attendees can apply these same principles in their own workplace to encourage and inspire their employees to be healthier and happier which, in turn, will lead to reduced costs due to reduced employee absenteeism and poor performance.

M12: Lessons from a Jedi-Master:  Six SWEET Steps to Recruiting Excellence! (2)
Lauren Rauch, CEO, 5 Star Global Recruitment Partners
In a fast-paced, competitive environment, top caliber candidates make decisions quickly—there are no second chances to win top talent, and even fewer opportunities to correct the outcome of making poor impressions. Now more than ever it is essential to present your job opportunities in a positive, honest and upbeat manner. Unfortunately, many HR leaders struggle how to balance professionalism with authenticity and openness. This straight-shooting and high energy training session by a Jedi-Master of Recruiting will provide you with SIX sweet steps to up your recruiting game and help you win the battle for top talent!