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Benefits & Compensation

Below you’ll find descriptions of each workshop session associated with the benefits & Compensation track. For questions, contact Lori Jo Goff at or 502-848-8727.

B1: Identity Theft in the Workplace and Its Impact on HR
– William Yates | Certified Risk Management Consultant, Harvard Risk Management Corporation

Identity Theft is currently the fastest growing white collar crime in the country and the risk has never been greater. From employees to customers, there is a major need to educate on all levels and protect sensitive data. In this presentation, participants will learn about the major types of identity theft, as well as how to be more prepared to protect non-public information (NPI).

B2: Benefits Trends that Promote Retention and Engagement
– Christina Heckathorn | Benefits Advisor, Employee Benefit Associates, Inc.

Attracting, retaining and engaging the right talent for your organization continues to get more challenging. Benefits can have a large impact on employee engagement and retention, and an organization’s culture. For many organizations, benefits planning and design is an important part of the talent acquisition and retention strategy. This session will highlight best practices and trends for workplace benefits that promote employee engagement and retention.

B3: Pay Transparency: “What Don’t I Know and Why Don’t I Know It?”
– Scott Schreiber | Managing Director, RSC Advisory Group
– Dan Ripberger | Managing Director, RSC Advisory Group

With everything that is so readily available on the internet, employees are quite likely to search for pay data and will undoubtedly find a website that will clearly show how underpaid they are. Organizations expand considerable time and effort to develop a formal base pay plan. Hours are spent in job analysis, explorations are made to find published compensation data, strategies are delineated and reviewed, structures are developed, and individual impact is assessed. Yet most of this effort is kept secret in many companies. This seminar will examine how far and how fast an organization can move down the Pay Transparency spectrum. We will identify the pros and cons of disclosing information on such aspects as external positioning, market data, salary ranges, budgeting for annual increases, pay-performance linkage, etc. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of employees knowing the formal, disciplined process that is being performed on their behalf.

B4: Advanced ADA and FMLA Update
– Demetrius Holloway, Esq. | Lawyer, Stites & Harrison, PLLC

More than 20 years after its inception, the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) continues to give employers fits! This program is designed to inform and prepare HR professionals for the potential traps inherent in the approval and administration of FMLA leave.

B5: Driving Behaviors Through Short-term Incentive Plans
– Jennifer Wheatley, SHRM-SCP, SPHR | President/Owner, CenterPointHR, LLC
– Tiffany Cardwell, SHRM-CP, PHR, CCP | HR Consulting Principal, MCM

Want to increase employee productivity? Want to increase customer satisfaction? Need to ensure your product is top quality? If so, you should consider implementing a short-term incentive compensation plan. These plans, if implemented correctly, can drive the right behaviors in your organization. In this session, participants will learn how to develop a Short-Term Incentive Compensation Plan and apply it to an employee relations scenario to drive the right behaviors.

B6: Utilizing Data in Real Time to Inform Health and Wellness Program Decisions and Save Costs
– Travis Burgett | President, Integrated Corporate Wellness Solutions, LLC
– Richard Armstrong | Account Executive, Springbuk

Utilizing Data in Real Time to Inform Health and Wellness Program Decisions and Save Costs Employee healthcare costs are rising. So is the pressure to measure your health management strategy. Today’s employer has an unprecedented amount of advice and data. But, the challenge is putting this information to work for proactive, real-dollar decisions. A health intelligence platform can provide a 360 degree view of an employer’s entire population, including spouses and dependents. With real time information via monthly updates, the entire team can work together to identify new opportunities to maximize and measure population health strategies. Streamlined reporting, targeted engagement and real-dollar insights are now a reality. The health intelligence platform will consume the primary data sets needed to begin building out your platform: medical claims, pharmacy claims, lab data, payroll data, on-site clinic and biometric screening data.

B7: Wage and Hour Update: Exempt or Non-exempt
– James Cockrum | Member, Frost Brown Todd LLC

In 2016, the US Department of Labor announced changes to the eligibility requirements for federal overtime exemptions. The changes were set to go in effect in December 2016, but were enjoined by a court. This session will provide the latest, most up-to-date information about the status of those changes, and provide the most up-to-date suggestions for compliance. This session will also provide advice regarding what legally constitutes “work” and must be compensated, and what must therefore be included in calculation of overtime. The session will also include discussion of other related issues, including the use of independent contractors and other important wage and hour issues that arise daily in the course of doing business. It will give employers of all sizes practical tips on compliance and the best practices to protect your business from wage and hour liabilities.

B8: The Affordable Care Act: Where Are We Now?
– Lauren Johnson, APA, CFC | Partner, McGregor & Associates, Inc.

It is important for employers to understand what changes will be coming in the New Year and beyond. The new Congress convened with Republicans controlling the House and Senate. With the GOP stated goal of “repealing the ACA,” how will this proceed, if at all? We’ll also review regulatory issues and provide updates on any other legislative changes that employers should understand.

B9: Leveraging Your HRIS System as an Engagement Tool
– Angela Bailey, SPHR, CCP, SHRM-SCP | Trusted Advisor, Unified Technologies
Ame McClain | Senior Market Executive, Paycor

We know the importance of engaging employees, even before their first day of employment with your company. We will discuss how to leverage an HRIS system and Onboarding process to maximize employee engagement to facilitate their success.

B10: Let’s Talk About the “F” Word…(Fiduciary)
– Jeanne Fisher, CFP, CPFA, MBA | Retirement Plan Specialist, ARGI Financial Group

The DOL’s highly publicized Fiduciary Rule was officially effective June 9th, with full compliance required by the end of next year. The regulation has sent shock waves through the financial services industry that will reverberate all the way down to the individual investor. This presentation will provide an overview of the rule and how it will affect your company’s 401k plan.

B11: Money Talks: Compensation Basics and Trends
– Tiffany Cardwell | HR Consulting Principal, MCM CPAs & Advisors LLP

In today’s competitive environment, a company’s compensation practice is key to attracting and retaining top talent. In this session, you will learn: How to create a compensation philosophy and determine pay strategy. The primary components of compensation, market pricing basics, variable incentives plans and innovative trends.

B12: Winning the WHY in Your Retirement Plan
– Kristin Dunlevy, QPFC, AIF | Retirement Plan Advisor, ProCourse Fiduciary Advisors, LLC
– Deanna Philpott | Principal Consultant & Founder, People Strategy Consulting, LLC
– Chad Griffith | Co-Founder, BeManaged

Employers know that managing a retirement plan is not easy. You can quickly begin to lose sight of why you offer a 401(k) plan in the first place. This session will provide some refreshing insight as to why this benefit is so necessary for both your employees and your organization. Refocusing on the big picture, the WHY, can improve the retirement readiness of your workforce. With a panel of industry experts discussing effective solutions, attendees will gain a newfound appreciation for their program and a strategy for improving outcomes.

B13: Emerging Claims in Employment Law: Focus on Pay Equity
– Sharon Gold, J.D. | Partner, Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP

This presentation will focus on the emerging claim in employment law – pay equity claims. These claims are brought pursuant to numerous federal laws, including the Equal Pay Act, Title VII, ADEA, ADA, and Lilly Ledbetter. They are also brought pursuant to state pay equity law. The EEOC has continued to focus on these claims and there are numerous lawsuits pending. This is a hot topic in the news and these claims will continue to rise. This presentation will provide background on applicable law, upcoming EEO-1 requirements and will discuss the importance of pay audits.